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Guerrilla Real Estate Marketing

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Your Secret Arsenal For Making Extreme Profits In Your Real Estate Business

How does a small real estate brokerage or individual compete against the bigger names in the industry?
In today's economy, it's tough for realtors in some parts of the country to sell properties. Other parts of the country are not so much affected by the mortgage crunch, but they could all use a significant increase in their business. How do you compete against the "big guys?"
There are still a lot of realtors making money in the business, but wouldn't you like to have that extra "edge" over your competition?

If you would like to increase your traffic and conversion ratio, then keep reading, because you're going to tons of tips, tactics and strategies in "Guerrilla Real Estate Marketing - Your Secret Arsenal For Making Extreme Profits In Your Real Estate Business."

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Today, you must have a competitive "edge" against your competitors. You must utilize guerrilla tactics -- not only to survive -- but also to grow.
In "Guerrilla Real Estate Marketing" you will find tools and "weapons" at your disposal to increase your business and get the upper hand on your competitors. Many of these tools are free, and others are so dang cheap that it's just ridiculous!

To learn more about Guerrilla Real Estate Marketing simply click on the book cover above to gain access to an immediate download.

In this book you will learn:
  • How To Outfit Your Arsenal With "Weapons Grade" Tools
  • How To Get Some Really Cool Tools To Beat Your Competition Into A Quivering Pulp
  • How To Maximize Your Internal Office Communications
  • How To Use Customized Promotional Items and Handouts
  • How To Use Blogs and Web Sites To Drive Tons of Traffic To Your Real Estate Web Site
  • How To Convert That Traffic Into $ales!
  • How To Use Social Networking & Web 2.0 Effectively
  • And... Where To Get More Free Stuff For Increased Traffic
This book is packed with a ton of free tools that you can use to promote your real estate business, and explode it to extreme profits.  Learn how to exploit the Internet and explode your real estate profits!
I promise NOT to sell, rent, lease or give away your information. I hate spam worse than you know: I think it blows!

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Feel free to contact me anytime through my email address and if you have any questions about the tools, you can write to me and get detailed answers.
Inside the book you will find complete contact information where you can reach me or call me. If you need any information whatsoever about the tools in the book, just call or write.
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