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Meet Mandi at SpeechPhone

Your 24/7/365 Executive Assistant

SpeechPhone – SpeechPhone* is a great choice for unifying your communications. The system is totally automated, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year—anywhere in the world!

Make your home based business or agency sound like a big business for as little as $35 a month! That's just a little over a dollar a day!

SpeechPhone LLC is a privately held company, founded in April 2002 with the fundamental mission to add speech recognition to every phone. The company develops and markets speech recognition based virtual assistants that unify communications and messaging through a single personal phone number. SpeechPhone virtual assistants empower the mobile workforce through more efficient communication and easy access to information.

Uniquely packaged services are available for individual subscribers, businesses and telecom carriers. What's more, SpeechPhone offers the most compelling value and cost effective solutions in the communications industry.

The average user today has 3 phone numbers to give out, 3 voice mail boxes to check, multiple e-mail accounts and the choice of other communication tools like pagers, mobile phones and even text messaging. The technological choices are great but the use of multiple devices and multiple service providers has created the demand for simplicity. That's what a SpeechPhone assistant brings. SpeechPhone assigns a single personal phone number that links all your existing phone numbers and messaging solutions into one simple to use interface, driven by the users voice. Add speech to your phone and the rest is available simply for the asking.

SpeechPhone service runs on dedicated Lucent Speech Servers including robust Automatic Speech Recognition and Text to Speech technology developed by Bell Laboratories. Lucent Speech Servers are NEBS compliant, fully redundant carrier grade platforms which have already been proven by processing over 1 million consecutive calls at a rate of approximately 7 calls per second. Built to meet carriers stringent requirements for reliability, open standards, scalability and interoperability, the SpeechPhone platform is a complete solution for outsourced enhanced speech services.

*SpeechPhone is not available in all areas of the country. If you are on a Tier 3 Carrier, or a coop phone company, service may not be available.

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