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How Do You Like My New Executive Assistant?
Ain't she a peach?
She's Hotter Than A Peach Orchard Boar and She Keeps My Business

I can tell you right now, I couldn't afford an Executive Assistant 10 years ago, and even 5 years ago, I couldn't afford one like Samantha.

But since I've been applying some basic principles of Covert Secrets to Guerrilla Internet Marketing, I've been knocking down over $300,000 a month!

I know that sounds like a lot of month, but it's not, really.  I'm accustomed to having a lot more, but heck!  $1.2 million dollars a year in a "side business" ain't too bad in ANYBODY'S book!


My name is Ernest O'Dell, and I've got to be the luckiest guy on planet earth.  I've just figured out how to kick this Internet "thingie" in the ass and make some real money with it.  I'm not selling anything, and I'm not signing up a bunch of whining ninnies who can't get off their ass to work an affiliate program.

All my friends and family think I'm the most arrogant son of a bitch on the planet, if not the universe!  I can't blame them, because I DON'T APOLOGIZE FOR BEING SUCCESSFUL!

Screw the politicians and the crooked Marxist cronies who try to steal your money (or mine)!  I've learned how to make more money than I can shake a stick at!

I've done it through Article Marketing that drives tons of traffic to my web sites and have--almost--an unbelievable 99% conversion ratio.  I have over 4,000 (that's 4 thousand) hits a day, and almost every one of them turn into a sale.

It doesn't matter what I'm really promoting, or what the price is, I have several sites that convert like crazy!  And I do it all with Article Marketing, and only spend 15 minutes a day at it.

Most of my neighbors think I'm dealing drugs or something, because all I do is sit around in my underwear and work on my articles and books (and I've published several).  I get up early in the morning and write my articles, place my articles in the automatic submission software and BOOM!  They're posted for the day on about 600,000 different sites, reaching over 200,000,000 (that's 200 million) readers!

Out of those, I might get one tenth of one percent, overall on all the sites combined.  But with just one site, I'm still raking in $300,000 a month!

How can YOU do this?

First, you can start off by reading these free reports...

Yes, these reports are free and you don't even have to trade your name and email for them!  Just go get them right now, download them (they're in Adobe PDF format) and save them on your desktop where you can find them.

As a bonus, I'm also going to include the link to another explosive report that will have you get more traffic than you can shake a stick at!

Here it is:


I'm certainly going to piss a lot of people off by giving this information away, but if I had this info 10 years ago, I wouldn't have struggled so damn long.  I know these times are tough for you, and I want you to have a "leg up" (as we say in Texas).  So, I'm "paying" this one "forward" because I know some good will come from it.

Economic times like the one we are experiencing right now are only going to be eradicated by people like you and me helping one another. Government can't do it, and WON'T do it, and it's people like you and me who are going to do it.

Let's face it: not everybody has the time to spend 10 years on the Internet, spending all their hard earned money, searching for that elusive "get rich quick" scheme... only to get nowhere.

So... I'm going to shorten the "learning curve" for you by giving you these free reports.

I know it sounds "snarky" but I don't want anything from you. I don't even need your name and email. You won't have to fill out any forms. Just click on the links and download the free reports.

BUT... MUST read them.

They're not long, but they ARE concise and lean, and only contain the things you need to know to kick your business in the ass and get it going.

These reports won't have any "fluff" and filler in them. Nope. All that's been stripped out, and it's only going to give you the FACTS like...


So, take advantage of these free reports RIGHT NOW!

Ernest O'Dell
Lubbock, TX - USA

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